About us

royandusha2Our story is simple. Great food really excites us . . . and we want to bring authentic Indian cooking and flavours into your home with a helping hand from us.

Growing up in large, traditional Indian households, meal times were the epicentre of our family lives. During these family feasts the dining table would come alive – our mothers spreading their culinary magic. There would be sensational aromas and vibrant dishes with fabulous combinations of spices and herbs. Having been inspired by the foods we tasted as children, we now want to share this pleasure.

As a young girl I was fascinated by my mum in the kitchen – watching her every stir, shake and knead. I’ve gone through life picking up ideas – like a recipe magpie! It is a never-ending pursuit to learn more and more culinary secrets and skills. Roy and I have a shared passion for this. He has told me stories of how he and his brother used to sneak downstairs for midnight snacks – and to be honest he’s still like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to food! We thrive on each other’s enthusiasm and this has encouraged us to create some amazing flavour combinations.

There is sometimes a perception that Indian food is complex with too many ingredients. That’s not always the case. Our pastes and rubs capture the ‘taste of homemade’. Using great ingredients the range is quick, convenient and easy to use.

What’s important to us is producing quality, authentic food and this is where our business started. It is about keeping things simple – creating flavour without fuss! If you do have time to be more inventive then the pastes and rubs are a great foundation for experimentation. Our Spiced Korma Paste makes a delicious curry sauce but I have used it in carbonara too.

It’s been an exciting journey to deliver the final range and we hope that you enjoy the authenticity of our Indian food – made a little bit easier with Dhaniya.