Pork Spice Ribs

Perfect for the BBQ or as any easy supper. Ribs with a mouth-watering blend of tandoori spices.


Shopping List 40g Tandoori Paste
1 (500g) Rack pork spare ribs
3 tbsp Yogurt
2 tsp oil
Lemon wedges
Serves 2
Cooking Instructions Oven 350 degrees f /180 degrees.
Mix yogurt, oil and Tandoori Paste together, rub marinade all over the ribs viagra en andorre.
Leave to marinate overnight or for at least 20minutes.
Place on a baking try and cover with foil and cook for 30minutes.
Remove foil then cook for a further 15minutes.Serve as a starter or as a main dish with couscous, salad and lemon wedges.

This recipe needs:

Tandoori Paste

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